• Mala Geoscience GPR, Proex, antennas ranging from 2.3 Ghz to 50 Mhz.
  • ABEM Terrameter LS, 12 channels, resistivity and IP meter, extension, surface and borehole cable layouts.
  • MPT DAS from Multiphase TEchnology (8 channels), resistivity and IP meter, surface and sticks cable layout (operated by Prof. Garré from Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech)
  • AP Sensing Distributed Temperature System using fiber optics.
  • Seismometer DAQLINK II – 24 traces, 50 Hz-4.5 Hz geophones.
  • Cityshark II station for seismic ambient noise measurements and 1Hz 3D-Lite Lennartz.
  • SP Petiau electrodes and high impedance voltmeter.
  • Seismic cone penetration from GEOMIL (with the Geomechanics and Engineering Geology RU).
  • Lacoste-Romberg gravimeter.
  • Vista Clara GMR surface NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance)




  • Ultrasonic transducers, P and S, various frequencies.
  • Spectral Induced Polarisation (SIP), using NI dynamic signal analyzers (such as NI PXI-4461)



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