Welcome to the blog of the Applied Geophysics Research Unit of the University of Liège (Belgium). This year we celebrate our tenth anniversary with a small infographics :


Applied geophysics deals with the applications of physics to study the subsurface. Techniques range from the propagation of electric current in the Earth to the study of the ambient magnetic field. Our group focuses on the development and use of geophysical methods and inversion algorithms for imaging, monitoring, and characterizing subsurface properties and processes, mainly in environmental applications such as groundwater resources, contaminated sites, landfills, or shallow geothermal systems.

Our team has developed these methods and gained further interests in assimilating geophysical data together with other types of data in generic framework for different types of applications: groundwater, geothermal systems, imaging.

Along these pages, you will find information on our research activities, courses, projects, phD… as well as a blog held by our staff!

Please look through our website for more information on our Research and ongoing projects! To contact us, visit the people page.

  • Our publications are available in open access or on demand on our institutional site ORBI
Hermans et al. (2012)
Visualisation of seawater infiltration  (blue) at the North Sea by Hermans et al. (2012) using Electrical Resistivity Tomography

If you want to contact us, click here or go to the People page

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