As as academic Research Unit, we teach several classes in the University of Liège, for undergraduate and graduate students:

For Frederic NGUYEN:

ATFE0011-1 Final Work (including an introduction to research methodology) Holder
GEOL0021-7 Geophysical prospecting Holder
GEOL0023-2 Engineering geology (integrated project) Holder
GEOL0310-1 Project Holder
GEOL1021-1 Introduction to geophysical exploration Holder
GEOL1028-1 Site investigation Holder
GEOL1042-1 Geological imaging and inverse modeling Holder
GERE0035-1 Integrated project on hydrogeophysics Holder
PROJ0001-1 Introduction to numerical methods and project Holder
UEEN0006-1 UEE project Holder

For Thomas HERMANS:

GEOL0097-2 Geostatistics Holder

We mainly teach to Engineers, bioengineers and Geologists in the masters of Engineering Geology, Geological Sciences and STE master in bioengineering.

We also have a strong experience in teaching abroad, in particular in Cambodia at ITC.

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