All our publications can be found at the institutional repository site ORBI of the University or on ResearchGate. From there, you can easily search through our publications by name, subject or any keywords. For each publication, you can access the full text either through open access (direct download) or restricted access (download on demand).

Selected recent publications

Past phd thesis (8)

Geophysical identification, characterization, and monitoring of preferential groundwater flow paths in fractured media/Identification by Tanguy Robert (2012)

Integration of near-surface geophysical, geological and hydrogeological data with multiple-point geostatistics in alluvial aquifers by Thomas Hermans (2014)

Characterization of thin layers into concrete with Ground Penetrating Radar by Audrey Van der Wielen (2014)

Towards a better understanding of time-lapse electrical resistivity properties associated to organic contaminants and bioremediation processes in the subsurface by David Caterina (2014), available on request here

Uncoupled and coupled hydrogeophysical inversions of seawater intrusion and geothermal hydrologic models by Jean Beaujean (2015), available on request here

Monitoring water and pollutant leaching at an industrial site using geophysics and a vadose zone monitoring system by Natalia Fernandez de Vera (2016)

Shallow geothermal energy: effect of in-situ conditions on borehole heat exchanger design and performance by Georgia Radioti (2016)

Geophysical characterization and monitoring of a municipal solid waste landfill by Gael Dumont (2017)

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