Defense of the PhD thesis in Civil Engineering of Mr. Jean Beaujean

Groundwater resources are increasingly threatened due to climate change and anthropogenic activities. A combination of robust measuring technologies and reliable predictions are necessary to manage in a sustainable way these resources. In this work, we proposed and compared quantitatively an uncoupled and a coupled approach for hydrogeophysical inversion. They both integrate near surface geophysical data, possibly other hydrologic data, and calibrate hydrogeological models. They were validated on seawater numerical and analytical benchmark models, ranging from homogeneous models to complex heterogeneous ones, and for a geothermal field test. Innovative aspects of our results concern resolution threshold approach, conceptual error and variability of petrophysics in complex media, the value of surface geophysical data and optimal data collection strategy.

10am 01/04 Amphithéâtre Marx de la Faculté de Droit, Bâtiment B31, au Sart Tilman

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